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Seventh Heaven has been an adult club staple on Hector Street in Conshohocken since the early 90's, when it was converted from a corner bar to a gogo bar/strip club --affectionately tagged by locals as "The Conshohocken Ballet." It remained that way for the rest of the decade. But the new Millennium brought new ownership. The Divas Group purchased the business in 2000 and made the timely conversion to the areas first "Gentlemen's Club"-- establishing a personal dance area, a champagne court, and bringing in a bevy of exotic dancers (NOT strippers) from it's sister clubs in Bucks County, Pa. and San Juan PR. At the same time, the Conshohocken area was itself going through a majoRedheadr renaissance by prominent developers. Row Houses became Town Houses and factories and vacant buildings were quickly discovered by corporate America and converted to white collar companies and upscale businesses --trendy bars and restaurants soon followed. It was a timely fit for our new entity and we quickly became the most popular club in the area.If you would like to become a part of our staff, Entertainer/Dancer, visit the Employment tab of our site.

If the Divas name sounds familiar, it should. In 1999 Divas International was selected from among several prominent Gentlemen's Clubs throughout the country as the subject of the highly acclaimed HBO series....

G-String Divas --filmed exclusively at our Bucks County, Pa. and San Juan PR Clubs. The series ran world-wide for several years and was viewed by millions, establishing the Divas brand as one of the very finest in the adult industry. It was so popular that it can still be seen in most markets ON DEMAND. So now, following our long and successful run, we are once again looking forward to bringing our nearly two decades of experience to Conshohocken.  Your patronage and loyalty is always appreciated,, and we hope you'll join us for many more years in our Totally Renovated Gentlemens Club!


7th Heaven Gentlemen's Club.....Montgomery County's Premiere Adult Entertainment Hotspot !! 

Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday
(3PM - 2AM)
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